Germany/Cameroon 2004  I  45 Minutes   I  Idea, Photography, Edit: Ulrike Korbach

Cho Lucas Ayaba had to leave his home country of Cameroon because he was an activist of the SCNC (Southern Cameroons National Council) and fought against the Cameroonian government. Many of his companions in the fight against Paul Biya's regime and the oppression of the Anglo minority were imprisoned.

Cho became politically active during his studies. At the first Anglo-French university in Buea, unlike the Francophone institutions, there was no library and no science rooms. In addition, the SCNC accused President Paul Biya of electoral fraud. The bloody suppression of the demonstrations after the election was a personal threat to Cho Lucas and he had to turn his back on his country.


Cho Lucas Ayaba is also still politically active in Germany. He campaigns for the rights of refugees, prepares them for court hearings and accompanies them to their trials. His attitude towards the German state is uncompromising. With regard to the business activities of French corporations in Cameroon and the support of European governments for African dictatorships, it is clear to him: "We are here because you are destroying our countries."

The film accompanies the Cameroonian Cho Lucas Ayaba during his political activities in Germany and gives an insight into the political situation in Cameroon 2002 and the protagonist's reasons for fleeing. In addition to Cho's family, victims of the Biya regime in Cameroon also have their say.

The perspective of this film is that of a friend who nevertheless maintains a critical distance - with understanding for the radical attitude of the political activist, but without agreeing with his conclusion: You must fight - if necessary with violence as a legitimate political means against a dictatorship. This documentary gives a deep insight into the political long existing situation, which led to the civil war in 2022.