Germany 2020  I 20 Minutes  I  Idea, Photography, Edit: Ulrike Korbach

Guzzling shades "best short documentary" at "I see you Awards"

Anke Ame's attitude to life is one of love: people, music, ideas. This is how the violist, author and illustrator has found her center.
Her last stay in hospital is several years ago. The doctors call it a bipolar disorder, Anke herself describes her task as guzzling shades.
She absorbs everything negative from others and transforms it into art. This role drives her into depression or mania, which could be something very beautiful for the artist if it were not intoxication. In self-penned texts and improvised music, she gives us an insight into a life characterized by extreme emotions - not uncommon among artists.

"Shade guzzling" is an essay film, an experiment. The filmmaker fragmentarily combines the protagonist's personal stories, poetry and music to create a complete work. In doing so, she didn`t take influence on the artist's very personal, sometimes quite blatant texts. Ankes processes her experiences in psychiatry, her illness, mania and depression in her texts, some of which are declarations of love to her husband in a frank and harsh way.
Loosely strung together, the film paints a picture of a multi-faceted personality. The result is a portrait of a fascinating artist and musician.

Linklater Award at Austin Arthouse Film Festival for "Shade guzzling"