Dokumentary abot the attempt to break free

Germany 2002  I  30 Minutes  I  Idea, Photography : Ulrike Korbach  I  Edit: Isabel Dziewitka

Georgie wants to reach the destination of his dreams - somehow get out of the daily grind, the constant lack of money, his mother's control, his working world.
But after a twenty-year "career" as an alcoholic, it is not easy to conquer free space in this pigeonhole world - between the feeling of constant threat and his ability to reinterpret situations. Georgie tries to find his way across seven bridges with music. His play with the camera and his interaction with the filmmaker are visibly fun and carry the film.


Blicke aus dem Ruhrgebiet, Bochum - 1st prize of the jury
Videofilmtage Thüringen & Rheinlandpfalz, Gera - Special Prize of the Sparkasse Gera-Greiz

Videofilmtage Thuringia & Rhineland-Palatinate (Jury statement)
The portrait of a person: factual but not sober, unagitated but not boring, accompanying but not intrusive and in this way almost affectionate but not kitschy.

The camera takes us on a journey through the life of a man: he is tall, fat, stolid and not very eloquent - no superman. But he has an unblinking gaze, says what he feels without hesitation, is turned towards others when they speak to him, and he has a dream - his dream.
When we learn that he is disabled, we ask ourselves: what is normal? And at this point the documentary may have reached its goal, because it is the question of our tolerance in everyday life.


Münster Film Festival 2003 (Announcement)

Some say he hears voices that don't exist. He is a dry gun nut who constantly feels threatened and searches for love in personal ads.
Posters of cuddly lambs hang in his room next to pictures of wild tigers and his favorite band AC/DC. He says he lives dangerously. Well - at least exceptionally. The man is paranoid and slightly mentally retarded, has amazingly clear moments, plays an evergreen version of "Stairway to Heaven" on the guitar and sings "Über sieben Brücken musst du gehen" with more melodiousness than Peter Maffay.
This sensitive and at times highly comical documentary tells his story. Get to know a fascinating man.